Saturday, October 19, 2013

XC Regionals!

I made it to Regionals!
That was my goal, and it came true only because a few things happened this season.
First, I calculated with the times set by the girls on our team that I would be the 8th runner on the team, (i.e. last/worst runner) thus not making regionals (Run 7 of each gender). As disappointed as I was, I continued to work hard and keep on pushing.
But I pushed too hard.
After Patriot League (Sterling) I had major pain in my left calf. It continued to pain me up until the start line at regionals. Literally. I hadn't run in 3 days, mostly walking while trying to rest it. I figured that my teammate would be running in my place at regionals, since she has a much better time than my PR. She was absent from school due to a family emergency, (pray for her family, please) also meaning that she wasn't at practice.
 I got an email stating that I was going to run at regionals.
Am I thrilled?
Yes. Yes, I am.
Quite thrilled. So thrilled that I forget my injury during the race and PR by 1:30! That's a sub 30 for this season! Not as great as I'd like, but I have one more race: JV Champs on Tuesday. In that race I am going to PR again, disregarding that I just raced a few days earlier.
I only have one photo of my own from the race, as my family left before awards last night.

Our team is amazing! Boy and girls both got 1st place, making us regional champs! The boys swept the meet getting a perfect score of 6, getting the first 4 places of the race, and also placing at 7th.
The girls got 1st, 3rd, and 7th places, with the latter 2 placers getting big PRs!
Our team is very supportive and inspirational, always cheering, always pushing, always listening, always there.
 We are the Lions.

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