Saturday, November 16, 2013

Life has Plateaued

Really, it has. After XC ended (for those of us not fast enough to go to NXR) my life simplified. A lot. It got really boring. Honest! While I was getting tired of the late nights spend studying, I miss it. A lot. I'm still running, though. I was supposed to take a few weeks off after XC ended, but I wasn't pushing myself very hard, so I decided to keep running. Even though my longest run has only been 4 miles (I did 5 one day, but it was broken into 4 and 1), I'm somehow getting faster. I should probably actually do a long run one of these days and break that 4 mile barrier. It's a little (okay, a lot) intimidating.

I'm still reminiscing those hours spent with my team. I'm getting quite nostalgic too. I miss all the laughs we had together, all the stupid jokes we made, all those crazy times we had, especially that one time when we went for smoothies after Regionals, walking through the drive through because the store was closed.
Oh man, I miss those days.
Luckily, I still have the banquet to look forward to. It'll be cool to see everyone dressed up instead wearing those running clothes.
With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, I'm trying to run more to burn off all those calories that I'll be eating. Like that'll work! I won't be eating a lot, actually. With all the people (omnivores) around us, I suspect I won't be eating much. I doubt there will be abundant vegan food. Good thing I can be satisfied and occupied with a container of hummus and a basket of veggies or a roll of crackers, because that might be all I'll be eating.

On the topic of running, I just had a birthday. And guess what I got? Racing flats! And running books!
So, to specify, I got RC 5000's, Thrive, Born to Run (Can you BELIEVE that I hadn't read that before?!), Daniels Running Formula, Eat & Run, and No Meat Athlete. I've already finished Born to Run, and I'm well into Eat & Run. I've been looking at all the "exotic" recipes and ingredients in Thrive, too. Not that I don't usually eat kale or quinoa, because I do, but I don't eat miso or garbanzo bean flour or drink hemp milk. I'm excited to try all those recipes, once I can get ahold of those ingredients. Everyone is skeptical of 'energy bars,' thinking that they are only for those crazy people who spend their days weight lifting, running marathons, or climbing Mt Everest, but in reality, they are for athletes who need a burst of energy before, during, or after workouts. Or who just need food in general. Things that athletes eat aren't just for athletes. It goes the same for nearly everything. Omnivores can eat vegan food (although not vice-versa), smoothies aren't just for hippies, and music isn't just for the song writers/composers. Get my point?

Anyway, I need to go knit some. It is my rest day, after all. I've got my "big" 4k club championship race early tomorrow morning. Good night and good luck with all of your endeavors! <3

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