Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Into the Forest

This weekend we planned a beautiful hike in the flatirons. We made our snacks, filled our bottles, and packed our packs. We drove up to NCAR where the trail started. We saw a few signs saying that the road was damaged, but that turned out to be a pot hole on the road. In Nebraska, that's a typical spring road. In Colorado? ROAD DAMAGE. We parked and were about to get out when we saw some people coming back to their cars, we asked them if the trail was open, and they replied that no, the trail was closed due to the recent flooding which caused severe erosion on the trail. So we turned back and headed down to Boulder. We drove up Boulder Canyon a little ways to Betasso Preserve where we had planned a back-up hike. We walked/ran (I ran) one of the trails last year for a Turkey Trot, so we drove on past and parked in a new area, at the trailhead to Bummers Rock. It was a beautiful 1/4 mile trail with boulder hopping at the end, up to the top. I held back and took some photos of the plants along (and outside) the trail. It was a gorgeous foggy day with perfect lighting.


Daisy, I think. Not entirely sure though...

I'm pretty sure this is a common mullein.


Black Tipped Senecio

Overall, it was a fun little trip, with great views up top. You could see the birds circling and calling, Boulder Creek flowing down the canyon, the fog in the foothills, and the beautiful world at it's best.

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