Friday, April 18, 2014

I've Reached 50 Birds!

Yes, I am ridiculously about this. I've been making guesses about what bird will be my 50th, and I had made the following list: Mountain Bluebird, Mountain Chickadee, Common Raven, any Grebe, Steller's Jay, Common Grackle, Horned Lark, and the like. Really, it would be a matter of where I was.
Here is the little story attached to my 50th bird.
This morning I had scheduled to take my sister's senior portraits after I got home from practice. We had planned on taking "artsy" shots with the sun, but unfortunately the clouds moved in and the sun completely disappeared from view. We got dropped off near a berm that had optimal photographic qualities. After taking a few photos, we decided to see if the pond on the other side had any decent spots. Upon reaching the top of the berm, I immediately exclaimed "American Avocet! It's my 50th!" I had (sadly) been forced into taking off my birding lens in exchange for my 50mm portrait lens, so I did not get any good close-ups of the Avocets. There were also a couple Killdeer, 2 Canada Geese, and many Red-Wing Blackbirds. The major highlight (along with the photos that yielded) were my newest addition to my Life List, the American Avocet, but I also got to see a new state bird, Killdeer.

This is a major step-up for me, however small it may seem. I've only been hard-core birding since I went to see my grandparents in December, although I've been mildly interested in birds for years. I now wonder what my 100th bird will be, and hope that it will be as memorable as my 50th, or perhaps even more so.
Here is my link to my eBird checklist

American Avocets with Killdeer flying in the middle

American Avocets

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